Fertility Hypnotherapy
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Fertility Hypnotherapy

Fertility Hypnotherapy

The phrase ‘where focus goes energy flows’ can be a hard thing to hear when you have been struggling with (in)fertility. The concept that you manifest all your life experiences can seem crazy – offensive even! Because you never asked for this & absolutely don’t deserve to be going through any of it.


But, what if you can have some influence over what happens next?


The subconscious works through imagination & acts upon whatever you are feeling. 

It doesn’t know the difference between imagined feelings or feelings stemming from reality 

(how many times have you worked yourself into a frenzy in your mind having an imaginary argument with someone?) 

Like attracts like, so if you are feeling joy, your subconscious will seek out more joy to match that.

Likewise if you are feeling sadness it will seek sadness.


Notice what you feel when you think about wanting your baby – Is it joy & excitement?

Or emptiness, frustration, injustice, anger, grief…? 

My guess it is more likely the latter. Those emotions can feel impossible to shake!


So the emptier you feel as you long for your baby, the more emptiness your subconscious seeks out for you, as it’s job is to give you more of what it thinks you want – in this case not the baby, but the feeling of emptiness.

It’s a vicious circle.

In fact for me that vicious circle manifested in divorce, years of self-destruction & PMDD (Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder). What has yours manifested for you so far?


Fertility Hypnotherapy can help you break free from that complicated grief & feel into a life free of those chronic hurt feelings. It can help you vision yourself with a baby – something which may seem hard to imagine now, as you see everyone else around you living your dream of motherhood as you sit on the sidelines wondering if it’ll ever happen for you. 

Using hypnotherapy, we can create within you all the feelings you will feel when you finally have your baby in your arms – the love, the joy, the wonder, the elation – & in practicing these feelings as often as you can – you will be telling your subconscious very powerfully that it is these feelings you want more of & it will draw those experiences to you

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